About Us

Perry Shapira, the founder of iHomes,  has been involved in the real estate business for most of his life -  in the UK and Israel, in the commercial and residential property. He has much experience in locating, renovating and managing investment property. Additionally, Perry jointly manages a vacation rental business in Jerusalem with his wife Sharon.


iHomes is the result of a concept that’s been brewing in Perry’s mind for several years, to enable properties on the market to become accessible and visible to all - buyers, sellers, renters, and brokers. The objective was to make the process of listing and finding the right property less of an insurmountable and hostile mission, but more of an everyday task.


The goal was to create an extremely user-friendly internet marketplace, initially serving the Israeli market, but with plans to expand further. The Israeli property market has a unique character, due to its inherent dynamism and vibrancy – fuelled by domestic demand and foreigners looking for a second home in the Holy Land.


iHomes’ bilingual element is essential – allowing  Hebrew and English speakers to interact, thereby generating further transparency– so that language would not form a barrier.


Together with his long-serving and suffering (!)  developer and advisor – Manish Saini – Perry hopes that iHomes will achieve its aims and ambitions, and change the way the way the Israeli property market works – for the better!